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Our 2nd Anniversary Celebration:

Events: Bertha Palmer Visits the Museum:

Museum President Barbara Sharpe with Kate Holmes from the Historical Society of Sarasota County who portrayed Bertha Palmer at the Museum in March, 2017. Bertha Palmer was a Chicago millionaire and visionary, whose interest in the Gulf Coast of Florida on her arrival in Sarasota in 1910 set the stage for the growth and prosperity of Sarasota County. Learn more: See our current exhibit THE PALMER RANCH. 

Vietnam War Static Scene & Exhibit:

"Ranches to Houses"

Our 1st Anniversary Celebration: December 7, 2016

Events: Eco-Fest, Cracker Fair:

Halloween Safe Walk 2016: 

Our Grand Opening and First Exhibit: Remembering WWII:

Florida Cowboy Exhibit:

Winners of Our John Bass Photo Raffle Edna and Mark Mc Atee with Past President Barbara Sharpe:

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